NBA 2K18 MyCareer : Get to know about the title

NBA 2K18 MyCareer : Get to know about the title

NBA has had a long-standing stake in video games. In fact, the first NBA game that we got the chance to try was the NBA Live ‘95 iteration, available on the Super NES, Sega Genesis, and MS-DOS. Since then, they have continued to present us with a new title every year. The latest edition to the series is the NBA 2K18 game. This is going to be the best selling sensation and it can almost be hard to take in all at once. In fact, discussing the whole game in one article is nearly impossible. So, in this article, we are going to take a look at MyCareer mode specifically.

A Major Change in the Series

Before you get into MyCareer, you need to consider the difference that this game offers from past entries in the series. Mainly, this is an open world game. Rather than being stuck in a basketball court the whole time, players can now take their game into the city which the game calls The Neighborhood.

When it comes to MyCareer, this is important because what you do off the court matters just as much to your progress. This is also where you will interact with other online players and serve as common ground for MyCareer and other modes that you can play in.

What Is NBA 2k18 MyCareer Mode?

NBA 2k18 MyCareer is the “main campaign” of the title so to speak. This is where you work to improve your character and their stats. It is far less linear than previous entries in the franchise and allows for a lot of player choice.

These decisions can include accepting sponsorships, going to the gym, and even taking on different tasks to earn badges. With the addition of an open world option, MyCareer is a method to keep a linear story going without taking away player control.

Introduction of The Neighborhood Concept: Road to 99

The breaking news from the preview is the introduction of the new Neighborhood concept. In a nutshell, it opens the door to a completely open-world in this 2K title. We have seen use of this theme, the first time in a simulation video game, specially in a basketball simulation game. Moreover it works in perfect manner with 2K‘s multi-pronged feature set, which makes use of NBA 2k18’s MyCareer as its hub.

One statement that is plastered in gold all over the game is the “Road to 99”. This is a reference to the rating of your player. The highest rating that you are aiming for is level 99 in your career. As you grow as a player, you will unlock new abilities and badges. One of the most promising aspects is that for getting to level 90, you can sit down with your team’s manager and discuss potential trade ideas. This can save you the frustration of building a player up, only to have them suddenly traded away from your team.

Attributes for Your Player

As you move up in ranks on the Road to 99 and improve your player, you can improve different attributes on your player as well. These can include skills such as layups, speed, strength, ball handling and more. This really gives players as chance to have a unique and personalized experience as they move up the ranks.

MyCareer Archetypes

One thing that has been improved since the previous 2k17 entry is the number of archetypes available. In addition, you can even create blended archetypes, allowing for you to further personalize your player and your experience as you play. If you want to know all of the over 100 archetypes available, you should check out the growing list that Dunkeschoen has started on this spreadsheet.

When Can We Expect This Game?

NBA 2K18 has a variety of different aspects being released separately. Released on September 8th, we were given access to the Prelude (or more honestly, demo) to the game. Don’t worry, though, if you started playing the Prelude, your progress will transfer over once you purchase the full game.

You can also go ahead and download the companion app to the game. This app offers you a couple different features such as the chance to earn some virtual currency (or VC) and scan your face to create your player profile.

However, the console and PC versions are what everyone has really been waiting for. Luckily, you won’t have much longer to wait. On September 19th – or September 15th if you pre-ordered the game – players waiting for copies for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, or Nintendo Switch. On this date, you will also be able to buy versions for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Unfortunately, these aren’t versions that are the main concern of developers since they are outdated systems, so don’t be too hopeful for updates on them. Last but not the least, get nba 2k18 locker codes right after the game gets launched from here

Expected drawbacks in MyCareer

Although the servers are the main drawbacks for MyTeam that need to be overcome,  but there may be more problems apart from servers. We already know, in the previous edition, MyTeam mode suffered from non-sim-like action that proved out to be a big setback for the players who expected more realistic gameplay. 2k has announced that, an add-on in the form of system proficiency have been added to curtail all the drawbacks, but before judging the game we need to play the game in full bloom.



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